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Are you tired of getting the run around? Does your contractor tell you that they have a service fee and then tell you when they get to your home that they are adding a "Truck Operational Service Fee" or a "Recycling Fee". Do their invoices have a built in "Misc. Fee?"

Do they charge you a service fee then charge you to fix or repair the air conditioning system in additional to that fee?


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Facts Your Air Conditioning Company Doesn't Want to Tell You$39 air conditioning service call


Nearly Every Air Conditioner Can be Repaired

It is up to you, not the air conditioning service technician to determine whether or not your air conditioning system should be repaired or replaced. There are a number of companies in the area that specialize in replacement. It just seems that no matter what the condition, good, bad or somewhere in between, they push their clients into replacement. There are a number of national organizations that literally give classes on how to talk unsuspecting homeowners into new systems, whether or not they need them. It isn’t illegal, but it isn’t th$39 air conditioning service calle right thing to do.

Most Initial Problems Can Be Diagnosed in Under 20 Minutes

$39 is all we need to diagnose just about any problem. Occasionally it will exceed that, but you have the power of the purse, not us. If we cannot diagnose your air conditioning problems for $39 all you need to do is tell the service technician in your home that you are not satisfied and you don’t owe us a single penny.

Often the Problem Diagnosed is a Result of Another System Failure

$39 air conditioning service callMany times the root of the problem is not what it seems. An example of this is blow fuses on the airconditioner. Fuses aren’t eggs and it’s very unlikely that theyjust wore out. Changing the fuses is the answer inless than 1% of failures. Fuse failure is usually a result of a loose electrical connection. Fix the connection and the problem is fixed.

When it Gets Hot, Most Companies Raise Their Prices

This is a supply and demand world and most companies will take advanta$39 air conditioning service callge of homeowner desperation. I promise we won’t do that to you. The $39 service call (coupon required) are service calls that we set up in advance. We fill our factory trained air conditioning service technician with about four $39 service calls a day each. This leaves them with 1 open slot each day for emergencies and our Ultimate Maintenance Agreement Members. Maintenance agreement members always have front of the line service, no matter how hot it gets.

Same day appointments happen every day and they depend upon the availability of the air conditioning service technicians and cancellations. There is an additional charge for 60 minute emergency service to reschedule other appointments or take a service technician out of the area that they are in.

Print Your $39 Service Appointment Here (black & white printer friendly .pdf)

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